Mia T. (California)
Bill D. (California)
Tanya I. (Nevada)
Katy M. (Missouri)
D'yann C. (California)
Sue P. (California)
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"I love these DVD's! Great for practice or fun, and Bob Hiltermann is very engaging."
"It's fantastic! So many shots! So many locations! So many costumes! What a production!"

"Great video and fun to learn...! Thanks!"


"There are many Sign Language DVDs on the market, but the approach employed here by deaf educator and performer Bob Hiltermann is clever as well as very funny. He appears as himself and as other characters and in the process holds the attention of the viewer while making sign language a very logical, easy skill to comprehend and use...the camera work is sharp, and the settings vary. These videos are suitable for individual or classroom instruction and are entertaining enough to engage both children and adults. Even the outtakes are little lessons in sign language. VERDICT: With its catchy title, this series is a real find. An approachable, entertaining, and effective course in fingerspelling and sign language. Highly recommended for school and public libraries."

"This set of DVD's is entertaining, engaging, educational and very effective. Testers told us how their children sat, watched, practiced and frequently returned to either watch something new or to go over something they had already seen so that they could correct or perfect their technique. This is not stictly a 'kid thing'; many adults told us that they were equally engaged and interested in learning this new language."

"Deaf actor Bob Hiltermann stars in this very entertaining and instructive series for American Sign Language (ASL) learners. His approach is perfect for advanced beginners and for those who have taken an ASL course or two, as well as a wonderful treat for beginners. His method of practicing common words and phrases in natural surroundings is classic and effective...The videography is playful and engaging. Hiltermann addresses Deaf etiquette...he peppers each lesson with ASL grammer...He integrates these advanced skills seamlessly by using large doses of humor. Each volume culminates with a signed song, an effective and fun way to review the content and learn more signs. "

"Shut Up and Sign teaches American Sign Language to children in an entertaining and engaging way. Hiltermann is funny and charming, but most importantly, he signs in a way that is easy for students to follow and learn. Practical phrases are covered in each signing episode, culminating with a fun song that invites viewers to sign along... "

"Watched the first one and loved it. I own just about all the DVD'S to teach ASL. None of them have been all that helpful. Yours seems to be the answer."
(later message:) "Watched all the Dvd's -they are wonderful. You did great job."

"I just wanted to thank you for the DVDs! My sister-in-law was soooo happy to get them. She had seen the previews on the website a few weeks ago and thought they were hilarious. So now she and my nephew can learn a little bit of sign in a humorous way. I love Bob!!! Thank you again for the DVDs and I will be sure to spread the word. I get so many requests for what kind of material people can use to learn sign language and these videos are so much fun :) "

"(My mother) got my husband and me your DVDs for Christmas and they are AWESOME! Can't wait for more new episodes! I would love to be included on your mailing list.Thank you for sending the videos in time for Christmas ~ Mom and Dad watched them with us and we had a lovely evening. I have been thinking about becoming an interpreter for several years and this has reignited that desire. Again, Thank you!"

"These are fabulous...for beginners or proficient signers. Thank you!

"I am honored to support the promotion and usage of your CDs/videos. I will be sure to share with my community classes, business diversity training seminars and at my church."
"I'm in the bay area...Loved the second set! Watched with the kids on the drive up.
Bob is hilarious and wonderful!"